Monday, 31 December 2012

Ready for 2013

We have had a really lovely Christmas, marred only by Harry and Stuart mostly being ill, but they still enjoyed it. We did lots of travelling and saw family in Harrogate and Lancaster, which was great and the boys loved it. My mum made us a great Christmas dinner and it was very nice not to be doing the cooking!

We have also had a few days at home playing with all the new Christmas additions and generally slowing down and being quite lazy, which has also been great after a busy December. I am feeling almost ready to spring back into action!

I have cleaned the craft shelves and put away in the loft any seasonal craft items I won't need until Spring so they are not cluttering the shelves (must remember to get them out again!). The Christmas tree is gone, together with Christmas themed books put away. We had a trip to Ikea for some new toy tubs and I have made labels for the front so we can attempt to keep order in the playroom.

I have filed all the work we have done this year and prepared some winter themed work for January/February. We are still going to be concentrating a lot on reading and maths, with a bit more writing, as Harry has been very keen to write over Christmas and has been writing notes for people and parts of thank you cards.

I feel really excited about the New Year, things are getting much better at home now that Peter is approaching 2 and can join in and get on himself more (and finally sleeping better!). We are hoping to do some longer trips and will be spending lots of time outdoors once the weather shows a glimmer of improvement! Happy New Year!!

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