Wednesday, 30 January 2013

What have we been doing?

Bit of a delay on the blog front... sorry about that! I have been back and forth to the doctor and hospital several times in the past week trying to get diagnosis and treatment. What initially was suspected to be German measles has turned out to be a bad reaction to a course of penicillin and I am still suffering the effects 2 weeks on. So we have spent quite a lot of time around the house but have been pretty busy and productive and have still been going to gymnastics, French, enjoy-a-ball and music classes.

Harry won the trophy at enjoy-a-ball again last Friday, for the best listening and trying. He has been polishing it and keeps saying he is very proud to have won.

We have been doing a polar project and making a hama bead mobile, which I will blog about separately.

Harry has done more work on number words in his workbook and I was pleased that he seemed to remember what we had done last week.

He is now reading all the level 3 Oxford Reading Tree books we have comfortably so I have ordered the next levels. We have been working through his English workbook as well, looking at plurals and ordering the alphabet. He has actually started to try and read independently outside our 'reading book time' which has never happened and I was hoping would happen soon! He wants to read titles of books we are reading together and is helping to read Peter's short, small books to him. I think half of it is from memory but the willingness is very refreshing!

I have been planning lots of interesting things for February, including Chinese New Year and valentine themed activities. Really looking forward to doing them!

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