Wednesday, 30 April 2014

The last few days

I haven't posted a general update for a while - we have been too busy doing everything so this is a quick run-down of the past few days! 

Harry is reading great swathes of Charlie and The Great Glass Elevator at the moment, which is fantastic and he is listening to an audiobook of Matilda. We have ordered two new Superhero reading books from the I Can Read series too and he is looking forward to starting those. Peter has been doing Reading Eggs and playing Alphablocks games on the iPad. 

We have been visiting the allotment to water our seedlings in the greenhouse. We have courgettes, sweetcorn, tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers doing well. Today we planted some coriander and basil and Harry planted more cress, which he really likes eating.

Harry won the trophy at his enjoy-a-ball class last week for the best trying and listening, so he has been polishing it to take back on Friday. Peter had his enjoy-a-ball class on Monday too. 

We have baked ginger biscuits and made new playdough.

The Hama beads have been in use. Harry designed a black and yellow butterfly, to be called butterbat due to the Batman colours! 

We are visiting a local Roman site on Friday so we have been reading our Roman books and watching some BBC class clips in preparation.

I have learned to play London Bridge is Falling Down with melody and chords on the piano and am very proud of myself! I am learning more songs now. Harry has been playing lovely sounds on his cello too. 

We have played more board games and Peter had been doing jigsaws. They have both loved playing with some robo-fish Easter presents, which swim in water. These are 'tanks' they created for them from plastic pots!

We have also been building meccano models today.

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