Saturday, 14 January 2012

Let battle (re) commence!

This is the grown up plan at our house tonight!

It has been a while and I fear that my intellectual capabilities have waned somewhat but I am looking forward to a challenge. We are dorky (is that even a word anymore?) enough to have kept scores for the past 32 games we have played each other so we shall be continuing that list. Unfortunately, as people may be wondering, I am ashamed to admit that Stuart is 19-13 up so I have some ground to make up!

I resolved this year that I will spend a bit more time doing things for me, which means I need to make the time as there is not much going spare in our lives at the moment, as anyone who has parented two small children full time knows! But some evenings together are part of that (excluding the ones spent on separate computers), together with reading more books and using my myriad of body creams! I think I have kept my expectations reasonable and hopefully will achieve something towards feeling like Hayley, not just Mummy. 

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