Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Wildfowl, Wetlands and Flamingos!

We have had a fabulous home ed day at the Washington Wetland Centre. We headed over to the feeding area to find an escaped flamingo causing a stir with the regular inhabitants of the pond! Harry loved feeding the regulars then watching the (failed) attempts at capturing the flamingo.

We all enjoyed playing in the indoor discovery room.

Harry did some brass rubbings and colouring. We read books about the creatures in a coral reef and the migration of snow geese. We touched a turtle shell and talked about why they are endangered. Harry is starting to ask difficult questions like that now, I didn't really expect it this soon! At bedtime he asked me what a bullet is (we were talking about the Japanese bullet train) but thankfully did not pursue further when I said it is the thing fired from a gun. I had better get used to difficult conversations I guess as there will be plenty to follow! 

Best of all, the children all played together indoors and out and had a lovely time! I love seeing busy heads bent together as they focus on something (in this case the ice!)

We are planning to make a regular group visit here on a Tuesday and I think it will be wonderful. It is a lovely place with a variety of spaces and is a great window on lots of aspects of the changing seasons. Meeting our home ed group has got me thinking about planning our activities for the next few months so I am excited about that too. I wish there were more hours in the day (or perhaps just more sleep at night!).

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