Monday, 12 March 2012


We went back to a playgroup today that we started when Harry was around Peter's age and attended for almost 2 years. We stopped going as I felt that Harry had outgrown it and he just wanted to race around with the wheeled toys, knocking over small toddlers in his wake! As he is a year older and Peter is now more independent, I thought we would try it out for a term. It was interesting to see how Harry has developed. He plays very differently now compared to a year ago, becoming much more involved and staying in one place for longer and we spent most of the time in the small room with the kitchen, garage, paint and playdoh (and no large wheeled toys thankfully!). Peter spent most of the time walking around shrieking with joy and excitement so I think we will continue after the Easter holiday and it will be a nice session to start the week - I have always felt a bit grumpy when we didn't have something organised for a Monday morning!

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  1. I remember this Playgroup Harry used to go to, Harry with the paint in his hair that took weeks to come out ! Peter will have lots of fun there too now he's mobile, and there will be no more grumpy mummy on a Monday morning, good news all round.