Sunday, 4 March 2012

Kitchen activity

We have been very active in the kitchen together recently and Harry has been showing huge amounts of interest, which I am trying to encourage as the cooking/eating experience is very important to me. We always eat together where possible and we have a mealtime candle on the table, which we started doing after we had some Christmas candles left over. Harry seems to enjoy this and blows it out when we finish. Eating with a 1 and 3 year old is not always the most relaxing experience but I am confident that family mealtimes at the table can only be positive for the future - we already use mealtimes to make up rhymes and songs.

Harry is so much more capable now in the kitchen than he was six months ago. He has always wanted to help but has not always managed what he was trying to do. He also now has the patience to prepare by weighing and measuring and following short recipes. 

Recently he has been very independently......

Making popcorn

Peeling carrots and anything else unfortunate enough to meet the peeler

Making rice krispie cakes

He has also been experimenting making pretend cakes with various storecupboard items - the combination of around 12 spices was interesting!

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