Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Ugly Duckling ballet

We had a lovely day today, my sister very kindly came from Harrogate to look after Peter while Harry and I went to a ballet performance of The Ugly Duckling at Dance City with other home ed families.

It was performed by Northern Ballet and lasted around 45 minutes. This seemed about right in terms of length as most were starting to fidget by the end. We loved it! We know the story well as we like fairy tales in our house and that helps when we go to theatre performances as Harry doesn't like surprises. Harry asked lots of questions about the more practical aspects of the performance such as - 'how is that tree moving?', 'what is the snow made of?' and why are they moving the scenery in the dark?'.

I was pleased to see that a ballet performance of The Three Little Pigs for younger children is planned for October this year. I am sure we will be attending.

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