Saturday, 4 May 2013

A typical home educating week?

Last week was fairly typical in our life so I thought I would share it, as this is often a point of interest for others when I am asked about home educating. In reality there is not an entirely typical week and this differs in every family, as I would imagine schooled life does. There has been a lot of reading and outdoor time in ours. 

We usually do some sort of craft activity which doesn't seem to have happened this week, I have got one planned for next week though! We vary the places we visit - last week we had a day at Gibside but this can also be museums, Seven Stories, Centre for Life or other outdoor venues.

Monday - we were all tired after visiting our family in Lancaster and staying over so we went to the library and played in the garden for the afternoon. We read 15 books from the library - we love getting home and tipping out the bag to read them all! Harry read two of the library books to Peter at bedtime. Harry also did some maths on the iPad using the Maths Bingo app and on the iPhone using the Mental Maths app.

Tuesday - we met some home ed friends at Gibside and had a lovely day in the sun. The children played in the playground and we walked around the woods, balanced on log bridges and played in the indoor stables area. Harry also had his gymnastics class.

Wednesday - we did English book work first thing and some reading. We met several other home ed families at a local park and the children played together. We made soda bread together for tea and Harry chopped vegetables for our casserole. Harry listened to a CD story of A Dog Called Grk for 2 hours while Peter had a nap.

Thursday - we went to our allotment to plant some sweetcorn seeds and water our seedlings before going to French class with other home ed families. We also went out to the park with our friends after French. Harry was tired and had fallen asleep in the car so I let him stay up a bit later so we could read some chapters of The Magic Faraway Tree together.

Friday - we did reading and writing about robots in the morning, followed by learning about Knights through reading, playing role play games and doing a sticker book together. We went to a local park to feed the ducks and get some fresh air and exercise before Harry's enjoy-a-ball class.

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