Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Practising road safety

We went to our local supermarket today on bike and foot and I took the chance to practise some road safety awareness. Harry has been cycling off ahead on his own for around a year now and he is very good at stopping at roads (Peter less so!) so today we looked for safe places to cross roads. 

We talked about finding a place where there is a big gap between parked cars so your view isn't blocked. I showed Harry the difference between trying to cross at the crossroads at the end of our street and crossing shortly before you get there. At the crossroads there are four different directions the cars might come from but crossing earlier means there are only two. 

Road safety is something I want to concentrate on a bit more when we are out on the streets (so we have the chance for some practical application) now that Harry is older and wants to be more independent. These games on the Think! website look good too so I will get Harry to do them soon.

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