Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Sacred space

We were counting the daffodils in the garden this afternoon and decided to go and look for signs of spring along the track near our house - our sacred space. There were signs a plenty!

The landscape was dappled with sunlight through the trees, unlike the frosty last post.

We spotted dwarf daffodils the same as in our garden, hanging catkins, white blossom and buds on the trees and we talked about how buds and blossom fit into the life cycle.

We also looked at some of the multitude of blackberry bushes to check on their status - they provide regular feasts for Harry in autumn.

Peter enjoyed some freedom to explore. Harry collected some stones and berries to bring home and loved riding his bike, as usual. He is so proficient now!

Spring, not winter, was dominant today and it gave us a huge sense of wellbeing! I am very interested to see whether there will be a revival of winter weather and the effect it could have.

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