Saturday, 17 November 2012

Gibside outing

We had a really great family visit to Gibside last weekend, which I haven't been able to blog before due to lack of internet at home, but here it is now. The light was stunning and the leaves were an amazing carpet - a perfect autumn day. There was frost on the bark in the playground, a sign of things to come!

The boys had a good climb and swing in the play area

We walked through the woods and built a den, then sat in it to eat!

Peter found lots of tree stumps to practice his new favourite skill - jumping - along with his own commentary of 'jump' (very cute!)

We found holly with berries and a beautiful log which had been burned on one side but was untouched bright white wood on the other side. We also collected a handful of tiny acorns.

Peter enjoyed dressing up at the stables and feeding the cow.

 It is getting colder, but I hope we can manage some more days out like this before winter really arrives, just wonderful!

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