Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Winter Harry

Today, following the 'Olympic Harry' craft we did during the Olympics (where we drew round a full-size Harry and decorated him as an Olympian), we created 'Winter Harry'. I think this may become an ongoing craft as the seasons change - Harry has really enjoyed doing them and has been asking for a week to make this one. I had planned to include Peter and we managed to keep him still to draw round him but he was too tired to decorate so we will have to help him decorate 'Winter Peter' another time.

Harry did most of this on his own. He used wool to make a hat and a jumper, which was covered by a gilet. He painted wellies and trousers and we used felt to make mittens which he painted. He said they were different because mummy couldn't find the matching one! I helped him to plait a scarf with the wool.

We added snowflakes and glitter and used wool to make snow on the ground. Harry used tissue paper to make snowballs.

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