Monday, 19 November 2012

Unwrapping the mummies

We took part in a really good workshop at the Hancock museum today based on the mummies of ancient Egypt. The museum had a pretend 'mummy' which the children could take the organs out of (they enjoyed this, as you can imagine!). This included using a hook to remove the brain through the nose (I am trying not to think about that part too much). 

The children were then shown examples of a canopic jar (which was used to store the internal organs) and bandages used to wrap the mummy. 

We also went into the gallery to see the real mummy and a sarcophagus, together with a plaster cast which has been made from x-rays of the head inside. The children gave their observations and asked questions.

We haven't looked at ancient Egypt before so this has been a good introduction and we will follow up with some more reading and activities this week.

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