Wednesday, 26 March 2014

A natural home education day

I would say that we have had a natural day of home education today. We had a really bad day yesterday - we were all very tired recovering from our holiday, both boys were grumpy and actually downright rude and just didn't want to do anything other than chase around and hurt each other. This doesn't happen often but, when it does, it usually makes me think that we need to step back and have a free-flowing day.

I didn't make a plan for today. I just suggested things as they seemed appropriate and, as usual on days like this, we have squeezed in a lot of activities. More importantly, the mood has been nice and we have all been happy! 

We went to our allotment for our first proper work session together this year. We dug over and weeded three beds, swept the stone areas and greenhouse floors and went to the small wildlife garden to see the frogspawn in the pond and the beehives. We haven't planted anything outdoors yet but will prepare the beds ready for some peas and onions soon. Harry and Peter enjoyed chatting to a couple of the other, older allotment holders we know.

I am sure I needed this rest more than them! 

The boys also had fun playing in one of the unprepared beds with trucks.

At home we baked chocolate buns and fruit scones. Harry weighed and Peter broke eggs and mixed. He managed to cover himself with a lot of flour! 

Harry also made a sourdough starter, which we will feed with more flour and water until it ready for using to bake bread. We were inspired to do this by this bread page this morning, written by a friend who makes lovely bread whilst home educating her three children.

The boys also painted their clay models from Monday and some butterfly and flower cut-out shapes. We are planning to make a spring poster with these.

Peter had a bath after painting and Harry played with him, out of the bath, with superhero Lego. They played some really good scenarios, with all the baddies finally being eaten by sharks! 

Harry has done a Reading Eggs lesson and spelling list on the iPad today. Peter has been playing with this puzzle and managed to find the correct place for all of the letters.

We also built a train track in their bedroom. I have seen this Lego men idea somewhere and can't remember where! Lego men were lined up along the track then a marble was rolled down to knock them over. They really liked doing this! 

Harry also created some Hama bead designs whilst listening to the BBC Wind in the Willows podcast. Peter and I did some jigsaws at the same time.

We have read more Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator tonight. I am not enjoying it as much as the other Roald Dahl's we have read but Harry seems to love it. I will be looking forward to the next one we choose! 

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  1. The allotment's looking good. Thanks goodness the weather has turned! It's amazing to think that the bare muck patches will be teaming with life and food in a few short months. Looking forward to seeing the pics!