Literature based study

I really like doing work based on different children's books as we love reading, so books seem a natural basis for extended activities and I can plan different things for Harry and Peter. I aim to do one book every month and we spend around a week doing different activities and work based on the themes of the book - these activities are tagged under 'literature' on my blog.

I was inspired to do this by using some of the Five in a Row books and ideas. Five in a Row (FIAR) is a US curriculum which, in the words of the FIAR websiteprovides students with a unit-study approach to early education based on outstanding children's literature. In practice this means that you read a book together every weekday (hence five times in a row) and follow up with various activities covering a range of areas. 

I do use some of the FIAR books but also some of our favourite picture and now chapter books. Lots of the activities I find or think of are very practical for the children and Harry is usually really engaged.

These are a few really useful websites I use to get inspiration and resources:

Homeschool Share has lots of printables both for (mainly American) specific books and on more general themes such as animals.

Teaching Ideas has bullet point ideas for a wide range of popular children's books.

Activity Village is great for printables such as colouring pages, wordsearches, mazes and themed activities.

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