Monday, 7 May 2012

Dales Food Festival

We had a lovely day over the Bank Holiday weekend at the Dales Food Festival with my mum and partner, who were caravanning nearby. There were some traditional fairground attractions and Harry enjoyed the carousel (which was turned by hand) and taking part in a bread making workshop - he even joined in shouting out the answers to some of the questions. 

Harry and Peter both enjoyed watching the animals in the farming for food area and Harry was very interested to see some real milking equipment and kippers being smoked in a wooden rack.

We spotted these electric go-carts on the way out and they were a big hit - fairly slow and only two moving at a time around a circular track so easy and safe for Harry (although I think he kept looking for a lever or button to make it go faster!)

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  1. Didn't we have a great time, a lovely family day out & lots of interesting things for young & old alike, the kippers were very tasty by the way. Harry & Peter love it in the caravan too, which makes us very happy. We'll have to find another venue soon x x