Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Where has the last month gone?

My blogging activity has been somewhat curtailed of late due to various illnesses in our house - I feel like we have been trapped in a black hole for a month, but we are coming out of the other side now and it's about time as I was starting to lose my perspective and motivation and things have generally been a bit strained all round. I will be updating with a few posts this week on the things I haven't had chance to add. 

We had a lovely visit to the Washington Wetland Centre today, which we have really missed and Harry enjoyed the playground where he was playing a game of feeding a snake/worm/monster (really a rope) with the other children. He helped to make pizza for tea and both boys soaked the bathroom floor making splashes in the bath together, before falling straight asleep - life feels back on track! 

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