Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Seven Stories

We have recently renewed our pass for Seven Stories and had a couple of great visits, so I thought one of my top indoor places to visit with the children deserved a post. We have been visiting Seven Stories for 3 years now and have always found something to engage us. As a book lover, I think it is such a great place to visit to further instil a love of books and reading in children - it makes books fun, engaging and participative, which I am sure is its aim. The main complaint I have always harboured is that there is nowhere to eat your own food, which as a regular visitor with very young children, I do find difficult as they are often hungry if we are there for a couple of hours and the cafe is not always affordable and not always relaxing!

The latest exhibition is based on the work of Julia Donaldson and, although Harry is not a fan of The Gruffalo, he does like her other titles. The exhibition was very hands on and we enjoyed acting out A Squash and a Squeeze in a house with all the animals, dressing up as characters whilst playing the Julia Donaldson song jukebox and reading Cave Baby and Tyrannosaurus Drip, which were new to us.

There were also some themed crafts and Harry made a duckbill dinosaur mask while we read Tyrannosaurus Drip and a ladybird based on What The Ladybird Heard. He managed most of these completely unaided. A couple of weeks ago, Harry joined in with a giant group mural/painting of A Squash and a Squeeze which was then hung up in the Creation Station and he was pleased to see the section he had painted again as part of the bigger work.

There will definitely be more visits to the new exhibition and I am so pleased that Peter is old enough to share it with us and participate in the things we do. His face lights up now when we arrive somewhere and he almost runs away to explore!

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  1. It's lovely now that Peter is old enough at 16 months old to join in the fun, I love seeing the boys interact & play together, Harry is a brilliant big brother.
    Seven Stories is such a fantastic place, there should be one in every town, love the ladybird & i hope on my next visit i get a chance to see the mural he participated in. Great photos. x x