Thursday, 24 May 2012

Newcastle Exhibition Park

We have made two visits to the refurbished Exhibition Park in Newcastle recently and were very impressed! I think we will be spending a lot of time there. Yesterday we discovered the water play area which left Harry and Peter very happy and very wet - Harry had to scoot back to the car in his pants! There are also several different play areas, including lots of sand, a huge slide and challenging climbing frames. 

I am so pleased that we have found ourselves in Newcastle at this time in our lives - I think it is an amazing place for a young family and we now have some great friends for us and the children here too. Most people and places seem to be very child friendly and we are close to lovely coastline, have great, engaging museums, children's arts events and now even more brilliant parks within 15 minutes of home. When you consider the additional places we have paid to visit, such as Seven Stories, National Trust and the Centre for Life, I can't see us ever running out of things to do. Newcastle has definitely become our home over the last 8 years and we love it here! The only (big) downside is that we are not near family, but we will be able to travel more easily when Peter is even bigger.

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