Monday, 27 August 2012

Busy times

Well, we have been busy lately!

Outdoor painting on wallpaper.

Harry has been really good at keeping himself busy, given the materials! Fish peeking from shimmery water, playdough 'bread', felt elephant and latest hama bead designs.

Mini 'olympic' games sack race with our home ed friends in Durham.

Brotherly love at Ouseburn farm.

Harry and Peter playing with their cousins in Lancaster.

Painted stones for granddad's birthday collected from the river.

Enjoying the muddy puddles at Wallington.

Windswept beach at St Mary's Lighthouse.

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  1. lovely photos & what a combination of activities, so cute the boys hand in hand & there's always puddles & paint somewhere on the agenda ! happy times with cousins too & the crafts are wonderful.