Thursday, 2 August 2012

London calling!

The Olympics started in London last week and we had thought long and hard about getting event tickets when they first went on sale, after all it is not often such a huge global sporting spectacle is in your own country and Stuart and I are sports fans! We had decided that the boys were too young to fully appreciate it for the cost and effort involved, however, when the games actually started we just couldn't resist heading down to London to be part of the atmosphere! It was the first trip to London for Harry and Peter too and we were not disappointed - we were so pleased we made the effort to go.

We drove to Doncaster and boarded the train there so as to split the journey up a bit and kept busy on the train with lots of stickers and magazines

Arriving at Kings Cross - everything was really well signed and there were helpful Games volunteers everywhere

Harry loved the underground - he was a natural at navigating it

We headed straight out to see the sights around Westminster. Harry is already waiting for the next trip so we can go on the London Eye!

Peter spent about ten minutes stomping in the only puddle in sight, to the amusement of passers-by!

We made a last stop at Trafalgar Square, where we saw fans decked in flags

A very late bedtime

But everyone woke up in good moods and on day 2 we had tickets to the Olympic area of Hyde Park, so we went via Buckingham Palace

Hyde Park was perfect for families - it was a bit like a festival site - lots of food options, big screens and space. We saw weightlifting, hockey, judo and archery. Harry had a look at volleyball and enjoyed The Sun tent where he got a balloon dog and played table football. It would have been great to actually go in the Olympic Park but there were no tickets for that so this was the next best thing.

We were all pretty tired but loved it! We feel like we were a small part of the Olympics and we also had a lovely time seeing some other sights. We are feeling high in Olympic spirit at our house now - Harry is interested in a few of the events on TV and we are doing some themed activities which I will post later. I think Harry is playing on my Olympic mood by asking for (and getting) chocolate mascots wherever we see them!

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  1. What an amazing trip to London, one that none of you will ever forget, to be part of the olympic Games & to see all the sights too, very brave with two little boys but they obviously loved it, great photos..

    love Mum x x