Tuesday, 14 August 2012

River fun

We went to visit my mum and her partner, Loz, at their caravan holiday yesterday and it was near a wonderful river for the children to play in. We spent a good couple of hours pottering in and around the river (Harry would have stayed much longer!). Peter loved throwing stones with Granddad most of all and Harry waded up and down with Granny a couple of times with a boat on a string, letting it go to see where it floated and then started building a 'harbour' for his boat by piling stones to enclose the flowing water in a pool. It became quite a family effort! These are the kind of trips out I remember as a child - lots and lots of messing around in rivers and the boys loved it just as much as I used to!

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  1. didn't we have a brilliant day, Harry working like a beaver, carrying all those stones & organising his team to build that amazing dam & Peter was so thrilled with the stone 'plopping' with Grandad. Lovely memories for us all i think.