Thursday, 2 August 2012

Our culture box

The packages we have been preparing for our worldwide culture swap were posted today. We have really enjoyed putting them together but have found it trickier than expected to decide what to include and to try and find free or inexpensive items.

We included a map of Newcastle together with leaflets from our favourite places to visit, a bookmark showing the Millennium Bridge and a fact sheet about the Angel of the North. I printed recipes for scones and bread and butter pudding and put these in together with union jack cupcake cases. I bought Team GB flags and tattoos from the Olympic product offerings available at the moment and a pack of playing cards showing images from the North East. I made a schedule of a usual day in our family, so the swappers can compare it to their own. I printed Newcastle United colouring sheets as football is such a big part of this country and city. 

We found a good sheet showing pictures of UK coins so I sent that together with a 10p and 20p coin. I made notes on the sheet too showing what a variety of things cost here - milk, a bus journey, magazines and chocolate bars.

I made a craft kit with instructions for the children to make felt daffodils (although they are the official flower of Wales that still counts as part of the UK!) as I love the appearance of swathes of daffodils everywhere at the start of spring.

I am happy with our box and excited now about receiving the overseas ones so that we can explore them.

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  1. what a brilliant & interesting activity, it makes learning about other cultures & families more personal than reading a generic book, i hope Harry & Peter will show me the contents of the boxes from overseas when i next visit.

    Love Mum x x