Thursday, 13 September 2012

Floury fun!

We had an impromptu game of 'flour snow' this week, which started when Harry walked the goose he was playing with through the flour I had out on the table for my pizza dough. Peter soon realised fun was to be had and joined in with a penguin! They showered, buried and fed the creatures with flour snow.

After wandering off, Peter realised that his floury hands made marks on the hall carpet, which was very popular with him! We ended up with a hall full of foot and hand prints.

Harry did all the cleaning up too! This was the sort of activity I probably never would have planned and I would have perceived a very high hassle factor but it was great and they both had fun investigating on their own. The mess was pretty well contained to the kitchen and hoovered up really easily from the carpet.

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  1. Had to laugh at these photos, Peter is obviously in his element - the things the boys find to do to entertain themselves, good job there wasn't water involved too - eek ! !