Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Happy camping

We spent the weekend camping in the Lake District with some home ed friends - so nice to be surrounded by hills, mountains and lakes and listening to the sheep/birds/cows as we went to sleep - this was the kind of holiday my family took when we were children and I have some very good memories of outdoor adventures in Wales and the Lakes.

It was the first camping trip since I was pregnant with Peter and I think that, although it went well, we definitely need to invest in our camping kit for next time - top of the list being table and chairs so we are not trying to eat on the floor! It would have been great to stay two nights instead of a rather rushed one, but Stuart had to work on Monday.  

Harry enjoyed helping to put up the tent

Peter found a large stick to attack it with!

Lovely visit to Aira Force waterfall with my dad, who came down from Annan to visit

Kite flying in pretty high winds back at the site. I was glad it was my dad helping Stuart to take down the tent while I sheltered in the car with the boys! The wind carried the kite onto the aerial of a neighbouring cottage so my dad performed a wall jumping manoeuvre to get it back - good work from granddad!

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  1. Lovely photos of your camping trip & seeing you all in the country fresh air.