Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Rainy day home ed

The weather has been atrocious so far this week - gale force winds and driving rain leading to some flooding. We didn't leave the house yesterday and I think we were definitely in the best place. Here is our rainy day!

We got out the 'making box', a collection of boxes, pots and lids saved especially for times like this! Harry decided to make buildings and mixed a brick colour before painting and glueing together a factory.

We scrumpled up a newspaper into balls and the boys used them to fill the play tent then tried to throw them into a box.

We played piggy in the middle with a ball and musical bumps (although this should actually be reclassified as dancing around the room until Peter understands the concept of the game!).

Harry did half an hour of reading eggs and some reading eggs printed sheets. They also watched a Mr Men alphabet DVD and I overheard Harry telling Peter how to write each letter, which was really sweet.

We rolled marbles down tubes, around sieves and carried them in trucks.

We read and re-read lots of favourite books - these are the ones we got through! I am so pleased they both love books so much. Reading to them is always one of the best parts of my day.

We had some fun with the face paints.

Surprisingly, we were all really tired, even though we hadn't had a physically energetic day. The grey skies probably didn't help. So we had an early tea, a long bath and both boys asleep before 7pm. 


  1. Just having a good catch up read of the latest few blog posts. You do some really cool stuff! I've got to get a 'making box' here - we hardly ever do junk modelling and the children would love it.

    Your culture swap packages have been great! I'm inspired to take part too.

  2. A happy day had by all by the look of it, I think your own & Stuarts love of books has passed on to Harry & Peter, Harry soaks literature up like a sponge, remembering the exact words & putting me right if i try & 'cheat' !
    The paper game looks a lot of fun, Peter looks as if he's really enjoying the tent.
    love Mum x x x