Sunday, 15 June 2014

Camping with friends

Harry and I have had a super weekend camping with friends from our NCT group. There were 6 families in total with 10 children and we all cooked and ate together and the children stayed up late playing in the long grass around the field and with balls and bubbles. There was also a good play area at the site.

We don't have enough camping equipment for all four of us to go together but we will invest in this soon as I think Peter would really enjoy camping now. He was a very bad sleeper as a baby and toddler so we never wanted to take him! 

Harry did a great job with one of his friends almost putting the tent up on their own! It wasn't as tight or straight as I would have done it but I didn't adjust it as we were only staying one night so it was good enough and he was really proud of his efforts!

Bubbles with the cool box 'goalposts' still in place! 

Stuart and Peter had a lovely weekend at home too. Peter played on our little bouncy castle, read lots of books and chose porridge for lunch! They were both asleep in record quick time tonight! 

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