Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Clay craft

We opened our first tub of air drying clay this week and had fun making a variety of creatures. We have borrowed a clay modelling book from the library so we copied an elephant from there (which we stuck feathers in to make it a carnival elephant) and then Harry made some aliens to protect the International Space Station from baddies (he is very into space at the moment - more to follow on this).

We had some free time today so Harry added some paint now that the models have dried. 

We both really enjoyed playing with the clay - I think there will be more of it in our future!

We also finished off our Easter cards just in time to send, with some nice felt flower stickers. Peter loved the feel of the stickers and kept attaching it to his leg then peeling it off!


  1. Looks like you ALL enjoyed the clay session Hayley, indoor mucky stuff for Harry which he would have loved & he has produced some wonderful models there to be proud of, and also the cards,brilliant, I'm sure i'll be receiving one of those which i can add to my scrapbook of Harrys' creations.

  2. Very impressive animals and the cards look beautiful!