Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Poorly crafts

It has been a difficult week! Illness for Harry and Peter has meant lots of DVD watching and not much activity. I am hopeful that normal life can resume again very soon. 

We have managed a few new crafts. I was inspired by this post by our friend Claire at Still Raising the Next Generation to create some flags for sandcastles. This also helped us to forget the rather cold grey weather and think of days to come on the beach. We decorated card and then cut out the flags which are now stuck to straws awaiting transport to the sandy oasis of Tynemouth!

Harry enjoyed painting some mini canvases and put good thought into what he wanted to paint before actually starting. He has always really enjoyed the process of painting and doesn't usually shown much concern with the end product so it is nice to see him take an interest in creating something when he does decide to.

We also used letter sponges to paint his name, which he then decorated with more paint. I quite like the effects!

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