Sunday, 15 April 2012

Space exploration

I love the library! We own a lot of books but we also borrow a lot of books - we often have 15 or so at any one time and library books are usually the reading material of choice for Harry. A huge interest in the solar system has been sparked by this library book
The little girl wonders where the moon goes during the day and the final line of the book questions "where on earth is space?". This has led us to discussions and reading about space shuttles and space travel, the International Space Station and the solar system and Harry has decided (for now) that he wants to be an astronaut.

He has been making satellites from lego.

We used parts of an astronaut pack from Homeschool Creations to do some writing and letter practice.

Harry sorted rockets by size and pictures into groups of planets/not planets.

We used this book to help us create a picture showing the order of the planets, together with a collage of Earth, using pieces of card Harry had cut up. He remembered that we needed white for the North and South Poles.

Harry's interest shows no sign of abating, so we will be continuing to read around this topic and see what else we can all learn! 

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  1. Another great way for Harry's imagination to run wild, I'd better get my space suit ready for Wednesday !! x x