Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Ponds and bugs

We had a great time at the Washington Wetland Centre today. It was our regular Tuesday visit with our home ed friends, so we had a lovely walk around, fed the geese and played in the playground, but we also participated in some of the Easter holiday activities.

We were around the pond area at just the right time for some pond dipping first, under the guidance of two great Wetland Centre volunteers. Harry was very engaged and was scooping various creatures out of his tray to look at in the magnifying pot.  Another boy caught a very large beetle which we watched swimming around and Harry really wanted to catch something similarly impressive, but it seems they had all gone into hiding! 

We also joined in the indoor activities, where Harry chose to make a bug hotel filled with various insect-friendly materials such as shredded paper, bark and hay which we will hang in a tree in the garden. I am not overly keen on insects so hopefully he will be proactive in checking for inhabitants! 

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