Friday, 5 October 2012

A week away at Center Parcs

We have been on holiday this week at Center Parcs, which has been our usual destination since having children - we find it easy to entertain them there and Harry still doesn't want to come home at the end, even after his sixth visit. It is the first time we have taken our own bikes and it worked - Harry got around well without the complaints we usually hear when we are walking anywhere and it was much quicker travelling by bike in the bad weather. The weather forecast was awful so we made the most of arrival day by playing outside and enjoying ice creams. 

Harry liked his mini jet ski sessions and went down some small slides for the first time in the pool! Peter loved the pool again and went round the rapids lots of times. We have made good use of the pool this visit, whilst torrential rain fell for much of the week!

Given the weather, I was very pleased that I had booked some activities this time. Harry had a go at archery. We also went to a ranger led session about bats, where we watched videos of them and listened to their calls, before making a bat hat and mask and learning some facts.

They both did an art session. Harry used china pens to decorate a mug and acrylic paint to make a dinosaur tea towel (note the fat pink pig, which is lunch for the dinosaurs!). Peter plundered the Center Parcs glitter supply for some messy pictures (I am still covered in it now!)

Harry had spotted a rollerskating session at the sports centre and wanted to try so I braved the floor with him! I think he found it harder than he expected but he carried on and improved after a few laps. He didn't manage without me gripping him quite tightly though! This brought back good memories of a family holiday to Center Parcs when I was around 11 - all four of us went rollerskating, I might try to dig out the photo!

There was finally some blue sky at the end of the week so Harry and Stuart headed onto the lake in a boat.

I love these cheesy smiles!

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  1. Looks like you all had fun. The mini jet ski looks great.