Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The end of Autumn?

I thought I would wrap up the autumn themed work we have been doing with some written work this morning, as the nights are definitely cold and dark and we have a lot coming up, even before I can start the Christmas theme in earnest!

We have been thinking about descriptive autumn words a lot. Harry has been writing the beginning and end letters of words and putting words in alphabetical order. We also looked at some images and he decided which ones represent autumn.

We used an acrostic poem template for Harry to think of and write some autumn words (we used the dictionary to help think of some). He also thought up a longer poem which I wrote for him - I thought it was really good.

We got out the instruments to have a sing of a lovely song I remembered from last year

Autumn is coming
Nights turning cold
Blackberries in the hedgerow
Leaves brown and gold

So I think that will be it for autumn in terms of structured activities, although I am sure there will be more playing in blustery leaves to come. We have enjoyed some leafy craft activities and watching the weather and the changes in nature. Looking forward to a couple of workshops during November and a short trip to Edinburgh.

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