Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Racing and painting

Several home educating families we know have been meeting up for the past few weeks at a church attended by one of them and we went along for the first time today. The facilities were brilliant and the church has very kindly let us use the sports hall and play equipment for free and an 'art lady' is doing an art session with the children too. I am so pleased that we can be involved with this and see lovely friends for the children and me!

Harry and Peter loved riding around on small bikes, trikes and tractors and doing scooter races with their friends. The art session involved painting sunflowers which had been arranged for the children. This was Harry's painting.

This tied in nicely with a library book we have been reading quite a lot. Harry seems to really like this range of books, in which the Katie of the title can walk into famous paintings and interact with them.

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