Monday, 19 August 2013

Chorizo bread

I had promised Harry when we made courgette bread that we would make chorizo bread next from the same website, Freshly Baked.

We headed out on scooters to our local supermarket to source the required chorizo.

Peter and Harry are very enthusiastic about baking and they can do many of the jobs themselves. Luckily, we didn't need all the chorizo as several pieces were enthusiastically eaten during the process! This recipe, like the courgette bread, was very easy - I like the 'All Ingredients In The Bowl And Mix' method.

I was in a bit of a rush so didn't attempt the curl shape in the recipe. I also liked the fact that this didn't adversely affect the outcome, so it is easy to fit in as you don't need to worry about keeping to within minutes of the recipe schedule. After shaping, we had to go out to Harry's swimming lesson so I left the dough for around 2 hours instead of the stated 45 minutes. It was trying to escape from the tray when we got home to put it in the oven so I folded it over again and it baked fine and was very well received for tea with some roast chicken pieces.

The finished product. The boys really enjoyed it. I am not a huge chorizo fan but I would make it again with them. It kept very well for 2 days while we were away this weekend too (I meant to take it with me but forgot!).

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  1. Yummy! That's one of my current favourite breads. Yours looks fab! Well done boys!
    Thanks ever so much for the link too :)