Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Our summer reading challenge update

We visited the library yesterday to get Harry's last two reading books for the summer reading challenge. The boys coloured a picture while we there too. 

We are very lucky to have child-friendly libraries in Newcastle. We visit two libraries, one local and the main library in the city, both of which have large children's areas. I find the library a great resource for home educating. I often find non-fiction books to support topics we are looking at and sometimes inspiration for activities comes from interesting library books I have spotted. The fiction library books we borrow are often the most popular at bedtime as they have novelty value.

Harry's fourth book, That Noise, was not popular at all! It was well within his ability but he said it was 'just too boring!'.

He read the fifth book this morning and thankfully he enjoyed it. I chose it because I thought he would enjoy reading all the noise words for the different vehicles. Peter really likes this book too. He listened to Harry read it and then I read it to him twice.

I have been choosing the books for Harry to read for his summer reading challenge as I wanted to make sure they are within his reading ability. Confidence plays a huge part in Harry's reading - he has refused to read for at least a week on more than one occasion after finding something too challenging so I wanted to avoid this happening. Harry does choose his own books at the library too but these are the books I generally read to them.

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  1. Have you had a go on the reading challenge website - Creepy House? There are two games that your eldest could play and there is also a place to list the books he has read. They get medals (virtual) for reading certain amounts of books. It is a good way of encouraging reading.
    Sure you have already done this!
    Great posts!