Saturday, 17 May 2014

Letters, numbers and the rest of the week

We have had quite a productive end to the week, despite me having a nasty cold. Harry has almost completed his current English workbook and did some pages on capital letters. He still forgets how to write certain letters sometimes, probably because he doesn't use them often. He also did an activity to match capital and lowercase letters.

Harry has been using a fractions maths app on the iPad - Slice Fractions by Ululab. I wasn't sure this was very good at first as it started out easy and just like a game but it actually got quite complex towards the end so it has been worthwhile. It looked at equivalent fractions and thirds through to ninths, which he hasn't done before so I drew out some examples on paper to help him as he worked through it.

Peter played a number game where I stuck the numbers 1-10 around the hall on post-it notes then timed him as he collected them in the order I shouted them out. He got much faster second time and was pleased to put them back into the right order on the wall. I think we will start looking at numbers 11-20 soon as he is quite confident up to 10. 

Harry has continued following up his space badge at Beavers by starting his big space jigsaw. It has lots of small details to talk about it. Peter also got a jigsaw to do at the same time.

We have also had French class, a play in the park with friends afterwards and a super full day out at Gibside yesterday with friends. I neglected to take my camera or phone (shock horror!) so there are no photos but the boys spent six hours running, climbing, exploring and playing with their friends.

Harry had cello this morning and the Quayside looked great in the sunshine. He is playing two pieces reading music now instead of just using the coloured strings book.

We went to the allotment this afternoon and planted the first fennel and some more peas. We now have potatoes, onions, garlic, peas, beetroot, squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and courgettes, as well as many fruit bushes. Everything is looking quite healthy so we are hoping for some successful growing!

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