Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Maths games, park, reading and baking

Today has been a very typical 'stay at home day' for us. We haven't actually stayed home all day but we haven't met anyone else and have followed a natural, relaxed schedule. It's been a lovely day.

Harry came downstairs first this morning and prepared fruit and cereal for us. I love the Christmas napkins he found in the cupboard to use!  

We played some maths-based board games after breakfast - Trilemma, Insy Winsey Spider and more place value target - Harry is very good at recognising numbers into thousands now and wants to make a really big target with numbers up to millions. 

After hanging up some washing we went to a local park and had a great time. We took a ball and played football and piggy in the middle and had a few games of hide-and-seek. The boys used lots of energy!

At home, we baked gingerbread cake and biscuits and listened to a Listen and Play BBC podcast.

I read some Fantastic Mr Fox and Harry read his new reading book - I am Wonder Woman. He is really enjoying the superhero books from the I Can Read series. He read some more at bedtime and we played Roald Dahl Brainbox. We have also played with Lego and building bricks.  

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  1. Fab. Those Super hero costumes are a big hit with your boys aren't they! Love the look of the I Can Read books - thanks for telling us about them. I've ordered a couple about dinosaurs for Sylvie... fingers crossed. They look really good!