Wednesday, 27 August 2014

A homeschool day

We didn't have plans today so I thought we would have a full 'normal' homeschool day and it has been lovely. Harry has had a productive couple of days with poems, writing and swimming yesterday. I am looking forward to next week when we will be fully returned to routine! 

We played games first this morning: Ladybirds (Peter's choice), Top Trumps (Harry's choice) and matching pairs. Peter can recognise all the numbers on dice now and it's really fun playing games together as he can join in properly and concentrate for the whole game.

Harry read his fifth Summer Reading Challenge book and started his final one.

I read The Magic Paintbrush by Julia Donaldson which we all enjoyed. We talked about the difference between needing and wanting things, which is a theme in the story. Peter asked for this book at bedtime too.

Harry also did a Conquer Maths lesson on addition strategy and we looked through the lessons he will be doing this term. I am hoping he will finish year 2 by Christmas and then we will start year 3, alongside the Galore Park textbook. I might also start some reception level lessons on Conquer Maths with Peter when he is 4 in January. 

After lunch we went out on bikes for a couple of hours. We are lucky to have a long cycle track close by which links several play areas.

It was sunny and warm and the fresh air and exercise did us all good. The boys had baths at home before tea and built some special Lego models to take in to play with. 

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