Sunday, 31 August 2014

Camping and stargazing weekend

We spent the last two nights in a lovely wooden wigwam at Herding Hill Farm in Northumberland. We have had a very busy and fun August and will be getting back into our normal routine from Monday.

This was pretty luxurious and easy compared to tent camping - the wigwam had lights plus a kettle, toaster and microwave! We were also next door to another family from our NCT group with similar age children, who all enjoyed playing together. It was nice to catch up with our friends before their son goes back to school. We try to see friends from our NCT group in school holidays as the older children all enjoy this and there are several younger siblings now too.

The inside had a seating area that turned into the beds at night. 

We had booked this weekend after camping at the farm in July. This was a special stargazing weekend as the site is in the middle of a protected 'dark skies' area, meaning that conditions for stargazing are optimal. There were several experts with a variety of telescopes. They gave a talk each night with pictures and videos and then we had a chance to use the telescopes. There was also a special solar telescope that allowed us to view the sun in great detail, including solar flares coming off it. We also saw double stars and the atmosphere of a dying star during the night time viewings. Harry stayed up until 10pm each night as it wasn't really dark enough until then for good viewing, so needless to say it has been a tired afternoon at home, but it was well worth it for the experience. 

The site was near to Allan Banks, a National Trust site, so we visited there on Saturday and enjoyed a woodland walk, followed by playing in the river.

We also took part in rocket launching at the site, using water and air pressure, which the children all loved! 

The site is a really good one for children with a very nice play area and I think we will be visiting again. They can even deliver home made pizzas to your tent in a golf buggy. We need to go again just to try that out! 

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