Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Getting back into routine with poems and park

I am trying to get back into a routine this week after our very busy and exciting August. We have had sports camps, family visits, a Beavers sleepover and a wedding. We have one more trip planned this weekend but I thought it would do us all good to ease back into work mode slowly for a few days first.

Harry and Peter chose a couple of poetry books on our last visit to the library, so we have been reading these, together with our own poetry books. We love poems and the boys often ask for the same ones to be repeated, especially if they are silly or rude! There are always one or two poetry books on the bookshelf.

They liked some of the limericks a lot and we have been devising our own at the kitchen table during mealtimes. We read sections of the 'How To' book relating to the rules of limericks and also about narrative poems. We talked about the rhyming in Julia Donaldson books and how these could be narrative poems, and read Stick Man and The Gruffalo.

Harry wrote his own magic poem after reading this book. He hasn't done much writing over the summer but he did well. We also watched some Michael Rosen performances on YouTube. They especially liked Chocolate Cake.

We have been exploring Richardson Dees park with Stuart, which we have only recently discovered and love!

The allotment sweetcorn is flourishing and I can't wait to harvest it. It will soon be time to have a clean up and start preparing for next year.

Harry and Peter both did a Reading Eggs lesson this morning. Peter was working on recognising 'the'. Harry only has ten lessons to go before he finishes the programme. Harry has also started reading Billionaire Boy by David Walliams. 

Harry had another swimming lesson this afternoon. He will be having weekly lessons now as he really likes the teacher and has made great progress so far.


  1. Can you believe another season is almost over at the allotment? It's like wooooshhh and it's gone. Where is Richardson Dees park? Is it in Heaton?

  2. I know. This year has gone very fast! The park is in Wallsend, just down the road and I never knew about it!