Monday, 18 August 2014

Wallington, swimming lessons and more

We had a trip to Wallington at the weekend as both boys were grumpy and needed lots of space to let off steam. They enjoyed den building and exploring. They decorated their den with lots of early fallen horse chestnuts, then brought them home. I love the early signs of Autumn emerging! We also saw wild blackberries.

Impressive climbing by Peter to a very high slide! 

Harry and Peter have both had swimming lessons every day this week. Harry is really enjoying it, which is great, as he wasn't enjoying his last course of group lessons. This time his lesson is 1:1 and the teacher is in the water with him. I think he made more progress in half an hour than in a whole term in the previous lessons! He is working really hard and it's an intense lesson so he has been very tired.

We have been doing lots of reading. Harry has been reading his Summer Reading Challenge books and I have been reading The Hobbit. We just finished it tonight and I am bereft! I had never read it before and it has gone straight into my top five books I have read. We all loved it! We have been talking about our favourite parts too and will continue to do so I suspect. The next read aloud book will have to work hard to top this; I think we will go for something completely different.

They have also been playing in the garden with outdoor chalk.

We spent an afternoon in a park we had never visited before with some friends and had a great time. We are looking forward to visiting in term time as it was very busy and I had to look for Peter quite a lot.

We have been very busy getting things ready for my mums wedding on Saturday too! We have been making decorations, shoe shopping, card decorating and packing. We are all very excited about it and I am going in advance to help set everything up, so I need to leave comprehensive lists for Stuart too, to make sure that everything important makes its way there on Saturday! 

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