Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A crafty afternoon

The constant rain today leant itself to an afternoon of craft at home. Peter wasn't really interested but thankfully he was happy driving some cars around in the kitchen. We have been doing a nest craft as part of our Five in a Row this week which Harry remembered seeing on Mister Maker and he actually told me all the instructions. The activity is here if anyone else likes the look of it! We finished off the layers of sticky, paint covered wool this afternoon and it is now drying ready to 'unmould' so I will include the final result when I post our Five in a Row.

Harry also carried on playing with the string to make painted string pictures.

He painted some canvases with acrylic paint - worm hotel and fingerprint dots

Flowers behind a fence and a rainbow

We have also been cracking some monkey nuts as part of Five in a Row and he used some to make a 'nut shell sculpture' which he painted today too

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  1. the string activity fascinates me , i hope you put pics up of the finished project as i'm intrigued as to what it's going to be. lovely rainbow too.

    love Mum x x x