Friday, 28 November 2014

Advent activities

It's December! Not sure how that crept up on me but we like December and we will enjoy it. We do a lot of relaxed Christmas themed activities during Advent and I will try to get them on here.

We have had more cuddles with baby cousin Jacob.

We've been to see the Alice in Wonderland themed Fenwick Christmas window and our first Christmas theatre show with friends 'The Christmas Grump', which was a reworked version of A Christmas Carol.

Harry made a Lego snow globe following the instructions in a Lego magazine.

We have finished decorating our hall, hurray! We love it and can't wait to get it decorated for Christmas at the weekend.

We have played at the (otherwise empty) park with friends and had friends round to play at our house.

I have printed some Christmas themed activity sheets from Activity Village. Peter told a story about Santa on Christmas Eve and Harry has been colouring and completing times table sheets. 

Harry has been playing lots of cello in preparation for his Christmas concert. He is doing really well at the moment and enjoying playing.

He has also been a reading machine! He can now read a Beast Quest book in one day and has done so several times. Peter is also storming through Reading Eggs and can read simple three letter words with phonic sounds. He really wants to read like Harry! I am going to work on numbers 11-20 with Peter as he gets to them in his advent calendar, which he is very fond of!

We preserved some leaves in glycerine. This is for Harry's collector badge at Beavers and his collection will be leaves preserved in different ways. He collected Autumn leaves and has rubbed some and pressed some already. He has also recently gained his faith badge.

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