Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A bouncy morning

I remembered recently about a drop in trampoline session at a local sports centre we have been to before so we went along this morning. It was a big hit with Harry who bounced for the whole hour, managing some seat drops and rainbow arms, which impressed him by making him go higher! Peter was desperate for a turn too but he is not quite big enough yet and I don't think his new found standing skills would last long on the huge trampolines!

I think we will be going along again, as it's also a bargain at £3 for the hour with a coach around to help out. I have been looking into gymnastics classes for Harry, although most start at age 5, so this might be a good introduction to enjoy this year.

We have also been watching some YouTube videos of blacksmiths at work, following our discussions about it. We were both very interested in seeing the metal turn red hot in the fire and then change shape under the blows of the hammer - it looked like hard work!

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