Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Snowy Day part 2

We made an impromptu visit to the Great North Museum in Newcastle which allowed me to follow up The Snowy Day activities we started here

The museum has a large natural history section with an impressive display of animals divided into type of habitat. As we have been thinking about the snow, we looked for the polar zone animals.

Harry noted that they all were mainly white in colour and that this was the same as the snow. We discussed why this might be and why predators and prey would want to hide for different reasons.

The museum also has interactive computers which give information about the animals. Harry chose the snowy owl and we read the information, which said that the owl has a thick layer of feathers and down for warmth. We noted that the other animals have thick fur for the same reason.

In the Five in a Row curriculum, we are really supposed to read the book before the activities, but the museum was a last minute idea so we read the book again at bedtime and talked about whether we might see any of the animals when playing out in the snow at home. The conclusion was no, which is reassuring, as I do not relish meeting a wolf, reindeer or polar bear while pulling the sledge!

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