Friday, 24 February 2012

Loan box - Ancient Greek Olympics

Tyne and Wear museums have several loan boxes, each with a theme, which contain interesting articles to explore and relate activities to. We looked at an Ancient Greek Olympics box yesterday at the Discovery museum with some other home ed families, which was good as an introduction to both the Olympics and Ancient Greece. I am planning some Olympic activities to tie into London 2012 later in the year, as I am sure many people are, so we will postpone looking further into the Olympics until then. 

Harry was very taken by the story of the 12 labours of Hercules, however, which we had researched in advance and saw depicted on pottery in the box so I am going to buy a book of Greek myth and legend to explore at home. We also liked the discus and jumping weights, having watched videos of these events in advance, and a coin bearing the image of Zeus, which sparked some interesting discussions about whether you can actually throw lightning bolts!

I think we are so lucky to live in such close proximity to several very good museums, which have great learning resources and we will definitely be making the most of them over the coming years.

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