Thursday, 23 February 2012

Reading eggs and literacy

We have been using Reading Eggs, an online reading programme for around six months now and it seems to be working well for Harry. We have been working through it slowly and have completed 16 lessons, each of which covers a letter or sound. 

Harry has a good grasp of phonic sounds now (when we started he had no understanding) and has worked out some letters and sounds for himself before we have covered them in the lessons. He is starting to put the sounds together now to make words and he answered his own question this week - "what does b-a-t make? bat of course". 

I am going to add some printed materials to our reading learning this year. Any recommendations welcome! I am aware of the Oxford Reading Tree series and Jolly Phonics but need to look into others.

We love making up rhymes/poems at the kitchen table and he has been joining in with that a lot. Sometimes they are real words and make a sensible poem and sometimes not, but I don't think it matters in terms of literacy development, and fun of course!

Harry has also been writing quite a lot. He likes writing pages full of the letters he can write well (I am going to get him some notebooks for this as I keep finding many pages torn out of my list-writing book!) and I also came down from upstairs this week to find a note just to say Hi

Harry posted me a letter this morning into the kitchen - I am not sure what the letter says but he had a good attempt at his name

He has also asked me to write a story book with his own story about Peter and seems to love us reading together more than ever - I am sure we could read at least 20 books a day if we didn't have Peter climbing all over us! All positive things I think which show him moving further towards reading and writing and, as an added bonus, we both enjoy it all!

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