Monday, 6 February 2012

The Snowy Day part 1

The few scraps of snow remaining on the grass this morning were enough to inspire me to row the Five in a Row book The Snowy Day. I had prepared the activities some weeks ago and have been awaiting some (any!) snow, so today we were ready.
This is a lovely gentle book, actually part of the pre-school Before Five in a Row programme and the activities reflected that, but Harry was bright eyed throughout and we really enjoyed it together while Peter had a nap. We made a small lapbook and Harry chose his favourite page from the story to print for the front

We read the book then did some snowman size and shape matching sheets

We used some resources from Homeschool share

Harry designed his own snowman using cut out shapes, glitter and snowflake stickers, some of which 'landed' on the snowman's head as per the story! He circled and counted the letter S and matched pictures of white objects to the correct word, which I made a little harder by asking Harry to say the sound of the letter at the start and end to try to figure out each word. He is doing really well picking up phonic sounds, but the next step of putting the sounds together to make words has not clicked yet

To finish, we read the story again and I asked him to listen carefully to the snowy activities then tell me them and which would be his favourite. As I could have guessed, he would like to climb the snowy mountain and slide down it! We will await more snow and that can be our physical snowy day activity.

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